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The perfect Thai meal is a balanced harmony of different tastes. The essence of spicy, sweet, sour, salt and sometimes bitter are delicately layered like a fine wine. Combining fresh herbs and distinct spices create a wide range of exotic flavors.
Thai cooking is an art form. It is uniquely different than other South East Asian cuisines. The preparation and presentation are of equal importance as the taste of each dish. The color and fragrance are the first pleasures to stimulate the senses. The initial taste on the lips awakens the mind and body of coming enjoyment. While chewing, the complex flavoring materializes on the tongue. Swallow and savor yet another taste treat experience. Time for another bite?
This harmonious journey of taste can only be accomplished by not only using the freshest herbs, spices and ingredients, but knowing how much and when to add them to the dish.
Rim Talay uses only the best and freshest quality vegetables and leanest meats. Chef Ponie is particular and to keep her recipes authentic, she travels to shop for the same spices and flavors she used in Thailand to bring to her restaurant.
The majority of our main courses are flash cooked in a wok using very little oil over an extremely intense heat. This ensures that the natural goodness and properties of the vegetables and herbs are locked in to the dish, while ensuring that the amount of fat which is absorbed, is kept to an absolute minimum. They are brought to the table immediately with no use of heat lamps to ensure the texture of the food is not compromised.

All of our dishes are individually prepared to order, therefore it is no problem to cater for any special dietary requirements or to cook to your own individual taste, ranging from very mild to Thai style (very spicy). Not all Thai dishes are spicy, so therefore finding various dishes to suit your palette should be easy.

Do you have a Food Allergy or Special Diet? Please request that your dish be cooked with gluten free sauces, vegetarian style, vegan style or without nuts.

No MSG is added to any dish


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