Loved it! One of the owners, poni, decends from thailand and laos where she learned how to cook authentic thai food from her aunt and family. She keeps everything fresh, crisp, healthy, and not greasy. This place oozes with the hospitality, warmth, and cute silliness of the thai people. The wife and I had fresh rolls, som tum, massaman curry with beef (7 heat) and pad thai (5 heat) for dinner. The fresh rolls were very refreshing and came with a great sauce. Som tom, which is a shredded green papaya salad, is one of my favorite thai dishes and I was so happy to find it here. I got som tom at EVERY place we went to in Thailand for 3 weeks. The thai make this dish soooo hot and I love it. Rims som tom was spot on. The massaman was wonderful and also great to see, not many places ive been to around here prepare this curry style. The pad thai was so freaking good with perfectly done noodles and phenomenal flavor. The wife and I were trying to compromise on the heat level but I think we’ll turn it up a bit next time. I’m more of an 8-10 guy at this place so we’ll probably compromise to 7 or 8 maybe a 9 so the wife can still take a bite. She agreed the 5 was too mild for her. They have a lunch menu too. Prices are very reasonable. I can’t wait to go back and sample the rest of their dishes. —- Alaskan Assasin W, Oceanside California

Okay so it starts with the sign…I’ve passed the old place that was there numerous times and I don’t even know what it was if that gives u an idea. Anyway I’m a huge fan of Thai food and usually have to go to Solana Beach but not anymore. I ordered the Tom Kha soup which honestly couldn’t have been better and chicken satay was just as good with yummy peanut sauce. I finished off with the mixed veggies with chicken and it ended as good as it began! Please check it out. Great first date place it’s quaint and great interior. —— Clyde S, Oceanside California

Yes! An awesome thai place in north county. The hubby and I went to Rim Talay today for lunch and was not disappointed. I ordered the chicken pad thai and my husband ordered the panang beef curry. The pad thai was delicious. It had a wonderful smokey flavor from the wok, the noodles were silky and smooth, and the veggies added a nice slight crunch to it. It definitely hit all the flavor and texture combos. I must admit the portion size is a little less than what I’ve experienced at most thai places, but I still left completely satisfied. The panang beef curry was amazin’. It was creamy and spicy and the beef was tender, not your typical chewy or dried beef in most panangs. I think from the spicy scale a 7 would be perfect in most dishes. Also, the price wasn’t too shabby. For both our meals, one diet coke, and a thai tea boba the total came out to be about $23. As for service, we were very happy. Our waitress was super sweet and our food came out pretty quickly. Overall, two thumbs up. We’ll definitely be back! —– Irene, Oceanside California

I was driving down Mission after sitting in traffic from Long Beach for a good couple hours when I saw Rim Talay and pulled over on a whim. I ended up ordering the Panang Curry with Shrimp to go and a Thai Iced Coffee. The ladies were so nice, and had me on my way in just a few minutes- which still gave me plenty of time to admire the decor. I imagine it would be a really nice date night place, so relaxing and not too overdone.

Basically, Bravo ladies of Rim Talay for the great service and delicious curry.—— E.M. , Long Beach California

I believe I’ve eaten here 10 times in the last month. The Phad Thai is soooo good! Great people watching from outside tables, very friendly owner!!———– Andrew G. , Riverside California

This is the best place in all of Oceanside. Owners are the best, put a meal on the special menu just for me that they did not have before. If you consider yourself a fan of Thai food then this is the place. Try the Rama its awesome. Thanks for the great experience every time. : ) —— Joseph H, Oceanside California

This is some of the best Thai food I’ve had. The staff is very friendly, remembers customers and the food is bought fresh. The price is very decent and although it may not look like you’re getting a lot, it’s just the way the food is presented. I was FULL when I left and I can eat a LOT. I will definitely be coming back!—— Devi D, Escondido California

Today I visited Rim Talay with my mom and grandma for lunch. We parked around the corner from the restaurant, but as we drew closer to their doors a wonderful smell wafted through the air. It was that intoxicating smell that catches your attention and makes you want to hunt it down and order one of everything on the menu.

The ambiance is simple and peaceful. As we waited for our order to arrive I glanced around the room, (it’s an intimate dining area), touches of close attention to detail could be spotted. That should be indication enough of the quality of food to come. Also, the restaurant was spotless and the fountain at the entrance was gorgeous.

A moment after our order was taken, the sound of sizzling and a wok could be heard coming from the nearby kitchen. A moment after that the scent I’d encountered outside the restaurant began to float through the air.

Our order consisted of Island Curry (heat: 3), Panang Curry (heat:3), Pad Thai, and a dessert of Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango. Each had a unique flavor that by describing it here would not do it justice. Just know that I’ll be spending a lot of time here this summer to eat my way through their menu. The food was fresh, beautiful, delicious, and every cent was well spent. The prices were affordable and no one will leave disappointed. —– Vanessa L, Oceanside California

Just ate at Rim Talay for the third time and I’m still loving it. The restaurant is pretty, the service is great, and the food is wonderful and beautifully presented. Yum. —- Mrs. R, Oceanside California


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