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What is the difference between the different color curries?

Green curry and red curry are easily the most popular curries, utilizing chili peppers, garlic, lemon grass, and coconut milk, among other essential herbs and spices, depending upon the region or brand. Chefs may also have their own particular variations. Green curry is made with fresh, young green chilies, and is significantly hotter than other curries. Red curry is made with bigger red chilies, which are not as hot as their green counterpart, but still packing significant heat. Green curry tends to lean toward a sweeter flavor, while red explores the savory side.

Yellow curry is highly aromatic and brightly colored due to roasted spices and an infusion of turmeric, and is typically paired with fish or poultry. The curry has a rich, bold taste, sweet with subtle hints of spices, and is effectively hot without being overpowering. Yellow curry hails from southern Thailand and is usually made with the addition of yellow peppers.

Massaman (Muslim) curry is a Thai dish that is Muslim in origin. It is most commonly made with beef, but can also be made with duck or chicken. It usually contains coconut milk, roasted peanuts, potatoes, bay leaves, cardamom pods, cinnamon, palm sugar, and tamarind sauce.

Panang curry takes its name from the city island off the West coast of Malaysia. This type of curry is richer, sweeter, and creamier then the more herbal Thai red or green curries, making it very popular with foreigners.

Are your dishes Gluten free?

Many of our dishes can be made Gluten free. These include the stir fry’s, rice dishes, many of the curries and some of the noodle dishes. They are designated on our menu with the Gluten free symbol. However you must request in advance of preparation so the special sauces will be used.

Do you have any vegan or vegetarian dishes?

Yes, we can prepare many of the dishes either vegetarian or vegan. Please request these in advance, so we can prepare your request without the use of oyster sauce. My husband is a vegan so I have learned to cook many dishes without losing the nuance of spicing and flavors found in Thai cooking. Let your server now if you desire vegan or vegetarian.

I don’t like carrots; can I delete them from your “Drunken Noodle” dish?

Yes. All dishes are prepared when they are ordered. The exception would be the ingredients already in the sauces or curries.

Can I get Thai food that is not spicy hot?

Yes. As everything is prepared to order, they are many dishes that can be prepared very mild without added spices. Of course the curries will have an inherent heat to them without adding any spices. Please refer to the “Ingredients For Life” section on this web site.

Chef Ponie Hyman of Rim Talay


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